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The Most Famous Types of Tarps Available in the Market

18 Different Types of Tarps (Plus Tips on Choosing One) - Home Stratosphere

A tarp is a large sheet of water-resistant, flexible, strong, and durable material. Manufacturers use different fabrics to create the tarps. From canvas to polyester or from plastics to polyethylene, choosing the perfect fabric for your tarp is important. The tarp is undoubtedly one of the best inventions that will benefit you a lot. The tarps will help you protect your assets from extreme weather conditions such as strong winds, scorching sun rays, and rain. The primary objective of the tarps is to protect something from getting damaged, wet, or dirty. 

As there are different types of tarps available in the market, choosing the right one might seem like an overwhelming process. Apart from considering your purpose of using the tarps, you also need to know about different types of tarps so that you can choose the relevant one. Investing in wrong tarps is not advisable. Most high-quality and famous tarps in the market are water-resistant, durable, corrosion, and abrasion-resistant. Here are some famous types of tarps you should know. 

Heavy-Duty Tarps 

Heavy-duty tarps are one of the best tarps you can find in the market. However, keep in mind that Heavy duty tarps are not ideal for household purposes. A heavy duty tarp is made of extremely durable and high-grade materials. This is why people commonly use Heavy duty tarps in the industrial, commercial, and agriculture sectors. The Heavy-duty tarps are made of durable fiber materials that are capable of withstanding tough and harsh conditions. Here are some uses of Heavy-duty tarps:

  • Heavy-duty tarps are extremely effective at protecting your damaged roof temporality after a tornado or storm. 
  • They can protect vehicles and boats. 
  • Due to their waterproof and durable properties, they can protect buildings and construction sites. 
  • They can protect the cargo during the transportation process. 

Vinyl Tarps 

Vinyl tarps are one type of poly tarps that are coated, laminated, or tempered with vinyl. Vinyl tarps not only resist wearing but also come with high strength. Therefore, they are perfect for industrial uses. Even if you the vinyl tarps in severe weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow, or heat, they can still withstand several years of torture. As per Sytech, vinyl is a durable and strong material.

Unlike the other tarps, vinyl tarps are highly abrasion resistant and thicker. They are capable of resisting grease, mold, and even acids. Due to their durability, you can use the vinyl tarps for high duty purposes. Most people use vinyl tarps to cover the truck bed. Additionally, heavy-duty vinyl tarps are used for various anti-scratching purposes. 

Poly Tarps

Polyethylene is the primary material of poly tarps. The poly tarps can be made from low-density forms or high-density forms. The light-duty poly tarps are lighter in weight and come with a lower mesh count and lower poly coating. On the other hand, the heavy-duty poly tarps come with a higher mesh count and more poly coating. If you’re planning to protect something for a short time, you need to use light-duty poly tarps. 

Poly tarps are effective at covering materials from harmful outdoor elements. Not only the poly tarps are lightweight and waterproof, but they are also cost-effective. 


These are the 3 famous tarps you can find in the market. Nothing can beat the benefits, effectiveness, and durability of heavy duty tarps. Don’t forget to contact us if you need heavy-duty tarps.