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Microwave Repairs: Does The Microwave Not Heat Up?

When the microwave does not heat it is for various reasons, therefore, we are going to explain the two basic breakdowns that usually occur in case this is your case and we can help you. It is very important that you first make sure that it does not heat well and that it is not a problem with the current, the plug, etc and you need microwave repairs for this.

That is, it would be good if you tried plugging it in another place or checking that plug with another device to rule out that option.

First Motif: Mica Plate

One of the most frequent failures in microwaves is the perforation of the so-called “mica plate”. This is a kind of sheet that is usually found on one of the walls of the microwave and its function is to protect the magnetron so that no debris or dirt falls on it when heating or cooking food.

If, as we say, it is indeed the mica plate that is broken, you can have a solution by replacing it with a new one very carefully (we advise that this work be carried out by a professional). If the problem were solved it would be perfect because it would be clear that the failure was clearly caused by this factor and has an economical solution.

Second Reason: Magnetron

Second, there is another common fault and at the same time more serious than the one we discussed above. The magnetron may have stopped working. The magnetron is in charge of transforming electrical energy into electromagnetic energy, generating so-called microwaves. In other words, it is one of the fundamental elements that make up the microwave.

Both in one case and the other, we always recommend calling an expert to review the entire mechanism well and give you an accurate diagnosis.

To Consider

The microwave may stop working from one moment to the next if a metallic element is inserted into it. That is, if you are careless and insert a teaspoon or a piece of metallic paper, it can be damaged in a matter of seconds.

For this reason, at DoAllApp “smeg microwave repairs” we recommend taking special care and delicacy when operating the microwave.

If you notify professionals and the diagnosis is not favorable for your microwave, you have to remember that at doallapp, you can find all the brands and models at the best price.

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