How to repair a leaky roof?

A roof protects the house from sun, wind, rain, and other external threats. It is like the fifth wall of the house. Roofs need extra care and maintenance as it is regularly exposed to different climatic conditions. Roof leaks can be a pain. If there is a leaky roof, your house may witness water seepage. The rainwater or snow can creep its way into your house, causing much damage. Therefore it is important to take immediate action and get a leaky roof repaired at the earliest. However, the question arises of how to fix a leaky roof? In this article, we will learn about it. 

Why do you need to repair the leaky roof?

A leaky roof can cause a lot of damage and destruction to the house structure in several ways.

  • Ceiling: The first signs of a leaky roof can be seen on the ceiling of the house. The water that seeps from the roof affects the plaster and paint of the ceiling. Because of the water, the plaster starts expanding and the paint will start peeling off. 
  • Electrical Fixtures: This water seepage can damage the electrical fixtures like lights, fans etc. that are mounted on the ceiling. In case if the house has concealed wiring in the ceiling, the water can lead to a short circuit. 
  • Extended exposure will cause the seepage to make its way into the walls. The walls may become damp, resulting in cracked plaster and the peeling of wall paints.  
  • The damp walls can be the perfect place for mold and mildew to grow. The growth of mold on the walls can cause serious health issues like triggering allergies and asthma and causing other respiratory diseases.
  • Constant water seepage into the house can affect the foundation of the house. A leaking roof can have an irreversible impact on the structural integrity of the house.

How to fix a leaky roof?

After a storm or heavy rains or snowfall, it is important to inspect the roof properly. Frequent inspection of the roof will help in determining any signs of damage. Get the roof repaired immediately at even the smallest sign of damage. 

It will not take time for a small or leak or damage to spread and become a major problem. The first step to fixing a leaky roof is to locate the exact spot of leakage. If the leak is very small and not visible to the naked eye, then look for water stains, black spots or mold under the roof or on the ceiling. Usually, the leakage spot would be directly above the mold growth or water stains. 

If your roof does not have a proper slope to allow water to drain off, then water clogging on the roof could be the key reason roof leakage. Hence it is important to ensure to check the slope of the roof while constructing your house or building a new roof.  

When your roof starts leaking or you notice signs of leakage on the house ceiling or walls, it is best to contact a professional roof repair and maintenance company. They have the required expertise and tools that help in easy detection and repair of the leakage. The longer is the delay in taking action, the problem will worsen. 

There are many roof coating and patching compound products that can help strengthen the roof. Roof coatings can also protect the roof from unwanted leakages and damages. 

While the professionals arrive and get your roof back to its original condition you can do the below-mentioned things to minimize any potential damage.

  • Move things and furniture from under the leakage spot
  • Grab buckets or tubs and place them under the leakage to contain the water and stop it from damaging the house structure or the furniture.
  • If you notice a sagging bulge on the ceiling that is a sign that water is being collected in that place. Use a screwdriver and puncture hole into the lowest point of the bulge, this will help the collected water to flow out.  Place a bucket underneath to collect the water.
  • If there is a delay in the arrival of roof repair specialists, use a tarp to cover the problem area on the roof.  

Professional roof repair companies can repair the damaged roof area and assess whether the roof needs to be repaired or reconstructed. They can inspect the roof and determine what kind of coating or patching compound they can use to patch the leak if it’s repairable. 

Angela M. Arriola

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