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How Do You Take Care Of a Tradescantia Nanouk or Wandering Jew ?


Widely recognized as Fantasy Venice, Tradescantia Nanouk or Wandering Jew is an spectacular plant that originated in Central and South The usa, and in Mexico. With an upright and compact expansion habit and with leaves that are clean on the top and develop into furry on the underside, it is no surprise that this plant has received the interest of lots of people. Using proper care of this species is vital in order to make sure high flower production and healthier leaves. So, how do you get care of a Tradescantia Nanouk?

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Light, temperature, and watering

This species needs a lot of daylight in get to survive and bloom. No matter if we communicate about immediate sunlight or indirect brilliant lighting, it is important to area your plant someplace brightly, considering the fact that insufficient light-weight may possibly induce the foliage to fade. When retained indoors, the right temperature range is 55-75 levels Fahrenheit. In terms of watering, as with any other species possibly underneath or overwatering need to be avoided. Ideally, hold out until finally the soil gets to be a little bit dry right before watering your Tradescantia. A weekly watering is a wonderful alternative for this species.

Grooming and propagating

In buy to make certain correct expansion of this plant, pinch off any broken leaves at the time in a though. If you notice that your Tradescantia seems slender at the prime, it might be best to trim off cuttings and then area them into the soil. They will start out to get root in about 2-3 weeks afterward. Nonetheless, often make positive to take off the leaves of the cuttings prior to you poke them into the soil.

Protection from health conditions and pests

No important instances of disorders or pest bacterial infections have been noticed with Tradescantia Nanouk. Having said that, overwatering is the best situation with this plant, since it can result in fungal bacterial infections and root rotting. In the party that your Tradescantia Nanouk is contaminated with spider mites, you need to give it a comprehensive watering with clean h2o. Immediately after that, spray the leaves with a solution made up of 50% h2o and 50% isopropyl liquor. The misting ought to be recurring as many situations as essential in buy to get rid of all the mites and their eggs.

Needed substances

As with any other indoor plant, featuring a range of essential components is the only way to ensure appropriate development. Tradescantia Nanouk wants to be fed with a houseplant fertilizer as soon as a month. Before incorporating fertilizer, the soil requires to be moist. In addition, in order to stay away from burning your plant, it is significant to pay close consideration to the recommended volume of fertilizer.

When to repot your plant

Since Tradescantia Nanuk grows relatively speedily, it is a great notion to repot it at minimum when a calendar year. Buy a container 1 measurement larger than the prior a person and fill it with refreshing soil. Due to the fact Nanuk hates soggy roots, the container must have holes for drainage.

In general, Tradescantia Nanuk is an quick-growing plant. Nevertheless, you should search out for precise signs, significantly root rot and decline of leaf colour to reduce your plant’s unhealthy expansion, Furnishing the important ailments is the only way to guarantee that your plant grows healthily and bears people lovely bouquets.


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