December 9, 2022

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Front Porch Railing: Remove It or Repair It?


Entrance porch railing — some owners enjoy it, some hate it, and some completely have to have it.  

This railing can make your front porch sense cozy or claustrophobic. Irrespective of whether or not you will need it is up to you and your fashion.

There are four simple parts of entrance porch railing.

What are the Parts in Entrance Porch Railing?

A front porch railing has four simple elements: posts, a top rail, a base (base) rail and balusters. 

The posts are the thickest vertical planks of wood that keep your horizontal major and bottom rails. 

The balusters are the vertical slats of wood concerning the prime and bottom rails.

Rotting wood front porch balusters
If your wood railing is rotting, you can remove it, or restore it.

Removing Railing

If your front porch railing would seem a lot more like confinement than a retreat, you can take away it to have a distinct and open look at of your property. 

Also, if your railing is rotting, that is even additional cause to get rid of it. The most prevalent lead to for a rail to rot is the base of the railing not getting painted though it’s becoming constructed.

Even nevertheless the bottoms of the balusters are not obvious, it is however vital to paint them. The unpainted wood will soak up h2o like a paper towel and speed up rot.

Also, if the railing is created with untreated wood, this could additional speed up rotting.

First, you’ll need to have a mallet or hammer. Knock out the balusters down a person by 1, and then take out the top and base railings.  

Right after removing the entrance porch railing, utilize putty and sand the columns so it is like they were being hardly ever there, to begin with.

This railing was less complicated to eliminate mainly because the foundation railing was a several inches off of the ground. If you do not have a base railing and your balusters are embedded in the concrete, you will need to have to get a utility knife to dig out the wood railing within just the concrete, then patch the gap with a concrete patcher. 

Repairing a porch bottom rail with plywood
This approach for repairing front porch railing will also strengthen the balusters.

Repair Entrance Porch Railing

One particular point to take into consideration if you are wondering about getting rid of entrance porch railing is basic safety. Does the railing preserve youngsters out of harm’s way?

If basic safety is your concern, you have to have to make sure your rails are purposeful. The goal of entrance porch railing is to be held onto, so it ought to be able to hold your excess weight.

Also, what if you require it in the potential?

Now a lot more than ever, men and women are desiring to age in position, so will this railing be helpful later on? Or, do you have an growing older relative who could be dwelling with you sometime in the long run?

Maintain railing height in thoughts. To be compliant with the American Disabilities Act, the front porch railing will have to be 34-38 inches superior.

If you want to maintain the railing for these reasons but it’s in terrible issue, you can mend it.

Create two plywood varieties and clamp them on the major and base of the rail. Then, use a plastic putty knife, and utilize vehicle human body filler to the front of the rail. Paint the kinds to match your railing.

Observe ‘Tip for Fixing Harmed Porch Railing‘ in this article.

Front of a house with grey shutters, ferns and a rocking chair plus a pine-straw garden bed
Obtaining the right sort of plants can completely transform the glimpse of your entrance porch.

Other Strategies to Increase Entrance Porch Control Appeal

No matter if you make your mind up to ditch the railing or continue to keep it for safety motives, there are additional ways to incorporate some curb charm to your entrance porch.

Change up the color scheme. A new paint colour can elevate your home’s exterior. Paint shutters and the entrance door for a punch of new color.  

If the concrete flooring of your porch is seeking a small uninteresting, incorporate some character to it with a paint stencil. Look at ‘How to Stencil a Pattern on a Concrete Porch‘ to study how to do it.

Lastly, change overgrown shrubs with lower crops unfold out in a much larger bed to include a broader spot.

Observe the movie over to see what a big difference these modifications make!

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