October 5, 2022

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Exclusive Video Premiere: Little Rock’s Colour Design Soar Inward on “Feel Like Going Home”

You could possibly not assume Color Layout when you go to Tiny Rock, Arkansas. Place music, positive harrowing sludge, of program — but soaring, shimmering post-hardcore fueled by divine individual strength? Not so a great deal. And nevertheless the five-piece have come to be a local staple, giving lovers a beautiful tidal wave of emotional sound in which to permit themselves float. Now, with the online video for their new single “Feel Like Going Residence,” Colour Style have visually translated their sonic profile, supplying viewers a search into their functionality model, their attitude, and the area they connect with house.

You can check out our exceptional premiere of “Feel Like Going Home” beneath. Just before that, although, I spoke to vocalist Shawn Hood, guitarist Daniel Cox, and drummer Shane Clinton at this year’s Mutants of the Monster fest, to study about the band’s record and system. Here’s what they advised me:

In your own words, how’d Color Design and style arrive together?

Shawn Hood: The band arrived collectively in 2015. Me and Jesse [Kelly, guitars] used to enjoy jointly in a band a very long time in the past, and we ended up speaking about executing a thing. I was definitely trying to do a little something far more like Cursed — I was listening to a whole lot of that. Finally we began jamming…then Daniel and Aaron [Wolfe], they each experienced publish-metallic bands. And Wolfe, our bassist, was one particular of my longtime buddies. We had been making an attempt to determine out our drummer, and I assumed, I know a male. We strike [Shane] up and we commenced just obtaining collectively and figuring out what we needed to do. At the time, I was listening to a whole lot of Citizen and Title Combat, stuff like Balance and Composure. Basically, my vocal is an imitation of that, to a stage.

Daniel Cox: Me and Jesse were listening to all people basic shoegaze bands at the time. Considering the fact that Wolfe and Shane are into put up-hardcore, they had been throwing that into the blend. Me and Jesse were being executing on these big guitar rigs, seeking to get some massive, ethereal, 3D-style guitar do the job in there. It finished up actually meshing into one thing which appears to be unique to us.

So you did not appear into the band with a seem or genre in intellect?

DC: I have by no means played in a band where we thought, This is the genre. I really don’t think that automatically breeds something. Let us jam, so that it turns into some thing that could be one of a kind.

SH: I came in with an thought of what I wanted to do, but I was just trying to determine out a vibe vocally. [Daniel] will come with a riff, and we’ll just jam it out, vibing it. We record on our telephones, so I’ll choose it residence with me and compose to it. I create to our songs, musically. That is why the vocals are in the destinations in which they are. I try to let the track breathe.

In your brain, what makes a Colour Layout song? What does it want?

Shane Clinton: 1st of all, I consider we have the finest bass participant. Just having him is completely invaluable. I couldn’t consider participating in in this band devoid of him, particularly since the guitars are so soaring, and that is exactly where we get our shoegaze influence. And me and Aaron will need to be operating off of each individual other. When I’m producing a drum section, that’s what is essential to me — that me and Wolfe are functioning together, giving it a driving force.

DC: It’ has to be very, but huge. The quantity is aspect of the stay show as very well. It sounds various on the file, but live…we never want it to be oppressive or tiring. There’s a minor really pop tune at the bottom of the total detail. We want to have that trickle as a result of.

When I assume of Minor Rock’s new music scene, I never imagine of music as shimmery as yours. How does Tiny Rock, or Arkansas at large, encourage you?

SH: I just feel the tunes scene listed here is pretty broad. Everybody’s into a total bunch of different things. Most of us like country, rap, indie rock. You will see the most metallic dude, and he likes Phoebe Bridgers. I hear to a large amount of R&B and soul audio, more than something. I engage in a large amount of rap involving our sets, mainly because I want every person to have pleasurable, to have a occasion. For the reason that you know what, we’re possibly gonna make you sense a minor depressed when we play! If you want to sit there and headbang, headbang! If you wanna appear at us, search at us. If you wanna move, go. I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do for the reason that I’m having fun. This is a launch for me.

It’s attention-grabbing that for all your publish-hardcore and shoegaze focus, you’re connecting with older and a lot more varied musical traditions. It is not just locked into the scene.

SH: I pay attention to every thing. With this very last album, I have been listening to a whole lot of feminine vocals. I just get specified items vocally and location things listed here and there. My beloved band is the Doorways, right after that is Nirvana. “Rock audio,” quotation marks. Erykah Badu and Sade are queens. Vocally, I just take a great deal of stuff from a ton of different issues. And which is what will make us distinctive. I’m not carrying out some normal shoegaze vocal. I’m carrying out my personal matter, and I don’t know what the fuck that it.

Do you at any time come to feel the have to have to draw a line among the prettiness and the depth? To favor a single or the other?

SC: I assume there’ve been more moments that we’ve had to make factors a very little light, include a very little bit more dynamics. A track will be relentless, and driving, and we’ll have to chill it out a little bit. So yeah, but truthfully, in the songwriting, just involving him and Jesse, how they feed off of each other, it evens out.

Who’s a band that you men would drop all the things to open for?

SH: There are so lots of bands! We played with Drug Church in December below, and that is my beloved band. Greet Death is good, Converge…there are so quite a few dope bands that I grew up listening to, that if any of them strike us up, I’d say, let’s do this.

SC: Oh, and a tiny band named Deftones!

Check out out our unique premiere of the movie for “Feel Like Likely Home” under. Continue to keep up with Colour Style and design by using their Bandcamp and social media.

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