December 3, 2022

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Drones Are Great Tools But Aren’t A Replacement For Onsite Roof Inspections

Drones Are Great Tools But Aren't A Replacement For Onsite Roof Inspections

Technological innovation has it’s place in company and the roofing business isn’t any distinctive. It is how you use that know-how to do your occupation that matters.

Today’s systems, like making use of drones and satellite imagery to examine a roof, are practical and admittedly really cool, but we are nowhere around Star Trek degrees of technological know-how exactly where only scanning a dwelling with our amazing-hunting tech will explain to us all we need to know. Not still in any case.

The Coronovirus pandemic introduced some of these systems to the forefront, and they are certainly fantastic and really useful, but we’ve viewed extra than a couple of corporations misrepresenting how they are utilised. From employing Coronovirus protection actions as an justification to not inspecting your roof in-individual, to even professing drones are excellent to in-man or woman inspections, these corporations are undertaking their prospects a disservice by telling them matters that are simply not accurate.

Of course safety actions are crucial but you do not require to forgo a good in-human being roof inspection to be protected, as we have verified about the complete class of the pandemic. Thoroughly carrying out an in-human being, on-website, roof inspection involves quite number of more actions to secure house owners and our employees without the need of chopping corners.

It’s Not Probable To Perform A Good Roof Inspection With out Physically Receiving On The Roof

We at Atlanta Roofing Experts see the value in working with new technologies, like drones, to support with performing a roof inspection in some situations, but using it as a replacement to accomplishing a extensive, physical walk on the roof and by attic locations? No, no, no…not anytime soon anyway.

The actuality is drone technological know-how and even satellite imagery (which we use to guide us as well) are great equipment when doing a roof inspection but the data is limited at finest. Although a picture or satellite image can give us the equipment to gather factors like measurements and deciding essential structural details it tells us pretty small about existing and opportunity challenges. In actuality, they differ very little from the “old fashioned” photographs we have often taken and utilised.

At this time, nothing at all replaces the physical act of finding on a roof, emotion each individual move and getting equipped to get up near and bodily touch suspect areas to ascertain if complications are cosmetic and/or probably disastrous! Nearly anything significantly less and the effects can show expensive, or even deadly, to home owners.

If your roof contractor is claiming a drone or satellite shots is all they require, be suspicious, GET A Second or even a 3rd feeling if you need to have to. You’d be stunned at how lots of points a picture Doesn’t demonstrate and reputable roof contractors know this.

In Metro Atlanta, Atlanta Roofing Specialists inspects every roof we see, appropriately, onsite, by climbing up on the roofs ourselves, each time. Although we do use engineering to assist us, it normally compliments the system, it isn’t the process by itself. For a suitable onsite estimate, connect with us now at (770) 419-2222