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Can Roomba Go Over Rugs & Transition? (Here’s How!)

Up to date on July 24, 2022 by Brett
can roomba go over rugs with fringes

I’m all about addressing the most typical queries lifted by individuals pertaining to family issues. I like experimenting with modern day day tech and one of my the latest experiments was with a Roomba.

Persons have been asking concerns like can Roomba go more than rugs and carpets or can Roomba go above transition strips in forums and threads. It’s noticeable to have the identical query thinking about how deceiving technological innovation can be these times.

But I can assure you, that a roomba is absolutely capable of going about rugs, carpets and changeover strips dependent on what model you have

I know a one sentence is hardly ever assuring. The Online is crammed with details about how robotic vacuum cleaners like roombas fail in the query of can roomba go over rugs with Fringe?

Let us just go by way of every thing there is to know about how you can make your roomba go above rugs, carpets and transitions. Keep tuned girls and gentlemen, you are about to ace how to cope with a roomba robotic vacuum. First, let’s start off with clarifying a confusion initially.

Why Does not My Roomba Go Above Rugs?

Just after realizing that a roomba can go in excess of rugs, it is intended to be annoying to see yours staying away from the space rugs just about every time it goes nearby. Funnily adequate, the “scientists and engineers” who made this sort of robot vacuums extra a number of sensors to support these robots perception threat.

And by threat I suggest the probability of falling around from the stairs or a railing with adequate gaps. This is silly! 

What about homes that never have stairs? And no person puts place rugs near the stairwell and undoubtedly no property has a cliff inside of.

However these sensors are easy to understand and you will find a way you can trick these roombas.

A dark area carpeting will idiot the Roomba into believing it is slipping down the ways, fooling the four sensors on the front of the equipment. Go over the sensors making use of a sheet of basic white paper with clear packing tape on both equally sides.

Then lower the sheet into 4 tiny parts to protect the sensors. If you tape these around the sensors on the base of your Roomba, it will vacuum above rugs.

Now, let’s distinct out a several extra confusions.

Can Roomba Go In excess of Transitions?

can roomba go over transition

Once more, if a roomba is attribute packed and is not a affordable random a single, it can definitely manage transitions. Transitions can be of lots of forms. Say you have wooden flooring, or tiled flooring or even you have plastic or hardwood flooring in a certain area of your dwelling.

A roomba is programmed to have an understanding of the variation of flooring to regulate the vacuuming motion, way and pace. If your roomba is only acceptable for cleansing only 1 kind of flooring, it will not go about transitions.

But if it’s a reasonably priced just one which has the aspect of understanding distinct flooring varieties, it will most unquestionably go over transitions. You can not seriously reprogram a roomba at dwelling. Make positive you get a single that can take care of the transitions.

In most situations, a roomba that can deal with transitions is by default capable of going above rugs and carpets. It will not require any tricks or modification.

Which Rug is Ideal For Roomba Robotic Vacuum?

Either you have a robot vacuum and want to get a rug or you have a rug and want a robot vacuum. If you have a rug, skip this and move forward. But if you have a roomba and want to get a rug, you improved examine this out. You know what, just examine this out.

To be really trustworthy, the modern day roombas, effectively, they all are contemporary working day roombas but the newer ones with much more options can manage any type of rugs. Starting up from leather-based, shags, viscous, natural fiber, artificial rugs, just about anything and everything is roomba pleasant.

But the issue is with the tassels (rug fringe). As their tassels are not fixed on the ground like the body of the rug, they often get sucked in by the vacuum of a roomba. That can induce mechanical problems and failure to a roomba. Cover the tassels if your rug already has them.  

Even so, you can use fringe holder tape that will cover all those tassels. Prevent rugs with tassels if you have a roomba at household.

Check out the next video clip on how to properly tape a rug with fringes:

How to Preserve Roomba Off Of Location Rugs?

Now, this is for people who want to maintain their roomba off of their rugs. It may well feel like I’m downplaying the capacity of a roomba but unfortunately it’s legitimate that a roomba simply cannot genuinely clean a rug effectively.

If you are just one of these persons who really do not rely on their roomba, comply with the solutions beneath of trying to keep the roomba off rug.

  • Roll the rug whilst the roomba is at get the job done
  • Position some kind of a physical barrier which it just can’t get about
  • Use a magnetic tape or a wall accent. These excess matters generally occur with the a little high priced kinds
  • Retain the lights on if your roomba is dependent on optical or gentle sensors

Really should I Get a Roomba?

The previously mentioned discussion was for both of those roomba homeowners and people today who want to individual roombas. But this is for people of you who however are puzzled about finding a roomba. In this portion I’ll explore the execs and negatives of the robot vacuum employing experience I experienced. I have a pro-roomba stand.

The main reason why I love a Roomba is it does my operate whilst I’m not at household. Think about it. You’ve been to your office the complete working day, expending your time working with what you do just about every day. Coming back residence to an unclean floor is a nightmare.

Yeah some of us deal with that nightmare. But I selected to outsource the nightmare dealing portion to a roomba and boy am I delighted or satisfied!

I have a pet, a cat, which leaves hair literally all over the place on the floor such as that extravagant rug in the residing area. For me, having back again house from operate will be a cry for enable simply because I have to get rid of all that cat hair.

The roomba is my best friend in this regard since right after I obtained it, NO Much more PET HAIR! This sort of a aid.

This very little dude is a noisy one particular. It can be aggravating as hell although you’re at property to bear the sound of a roomba being at get the job done. That’s why I continue to keep it turned on though I’m away and off although I’m house.

  • Skips the Corner of the Rugs

I never truly have any plush rugs at dwelling. But lots of people today with plush and thick rugs with a hair like texture at property have advised me that the roomba they have, possibly sucks the hair out of the rug or skips the edges of the rug.

This is a solvable challenge as well. All you have to do is abide by the methods earlier mentioned of holding the roomba off the rug and you’re golden.

Take note: If you might be searching for far more rug vacuum cleaners apart from iRobot roomba examine our in-depth obtaining information for the top rated rated vacuum for comfortable carpet and delicate rugs right here.


A Roomba with the ability of going above rugs can go more than rugs. If you continue to keep asking can roomba go in excess of rugs without in fact getting a roomba that can go above rugs or making those specified modifications, it is just unfair.

Just get a robot vacuum that can go above rugs. If you have budgetary challenges, just follow the steps of keeping the roomba off rug. But for building the roomba go above changeover, you would have to insert a number of bucks to that rate restrict. Either way, a roomba is a good close friend to depart the house to. It’ll preserve the floor clean up.